Business Walk-Throughs

The responsible and entrusted Jackson Alabama Police Department places primary importance on the well-being and peace of mind of the local community.

We are dedication to keeping the community safe is further underscored by a valuable and strategic initiative – conducting regular business walk-throughs.

Without a doubt, this initiative bears testament to their unwavering commitment to building strong relationships with business owners, foster open communication networks, and ultimately make the community safer.

The business walk-through program allows the department to attend to the security concerns of businesses by educating them on various measures that can be implemented as preventive measures against potential criminal activities. In this manner, business owners can learn from personal engagements with officers – building rapport and trust while receiving indispensable resources and support.

These efforts to establish accountability and trust with the community are a defining hallmark of the department’s enduring commitment to keeping the peace.

To request a walk-through, please call (251) 246-4484

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